Cybernetic Insurgence

Dip16 are continuing to develop alternative forms of architectural production methods and urban models based on cybernetics and adaptation to our rapidly changing environment. This year our research emanates from the production of new carbon neutral cities striving for a homeostasis between nature, technology and people in the pursuit of a post-Cartesian architecture.

This year’s objective for Dip16 is to speculate on the opportunity provided by the design and production of culturally & BIOME specific zero carbon model cities such as the primary target of Masdar City Design by Foster & Partners with the aim to develop alternative forms of urban morphologies, spatial imagination and methods of construction. We are striving for an intrinsic relationship between future city design and the architecture reclaiming the notion of a relevant public domain.

We aim to develop the co-evolution of these cities and contemporary production processes by reinventing vernacular types and construction methods with emerging types of generative, material and production processes reclaiming a new sensibility in architectural craftsmanship and defining an epistemology of ecological stoichiometry for new city design through the specific deployment of computational design tools.

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