Project Statement (EDITED)



(1) Mikoko Lamu is a new micro-community in Lamu, on the coast of East Africa which confronts the loss of a mangrove ecosystem as well as the decline of the local cultural heritage, by the commencement of the LAPSSET (1) initiative.

(2) The micro-community is set within the proximity of the mangrove forest to form a buffer zone and regrowth programme through the construction of a new urban settlement compromising of residential streets, public spaces and commercial areas relating to the the mangrove ecosystem.

(3) The proposed tectonic material of wood plastic composite allows the local population to engage with an (introduced) industry of plastic recycling on a large construction scale but also on a small scale employing their current skill set with timber products.

(4) Mikoko Lamu attempts to provide a new architecture adapted to living with mangrove , whilst reflecting on centuries old cultural practices to enhance the living conditions of the inhabitants such as cooling through narrow streets and the channelling of wind and water channels.



(1) The LAPSSET project (Lamu Port and South Sudan Ethiopia Transport) project links Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia in a promotion of regional socioeconomic development (via a main oil pipeline) in order to enhance cross border trade.
Image Credit:
Individual Laser Scan of Street Scene, Kenya
The Heinz Ruther Collection, Department of Geomatics, University of Cape Town
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