Dock city-v01


Dock(Pier) city; hydro-urban city charger



Water is a public asset in dockland and it provides not only emotional value also place to live to generate life within its value.

London – developed with water based industry and trading. housing shortage. investment


Royal dock is one of few city docks in underuse, its extensive scale and supporting city infrastructure pushing massive urban regeneration with politic, economic and livability issues.(should be more specific)

Loading Urban Density on Dock(land) and Riverside facilitates economy and connectivity of waterfront community as a new civic core of river Thames development.


Methodology(Compact Density, Green Infrastructure, Water city)

Regenerative Dock-city demonstrates its new functional role for land value of waterfront housing market, local connectivity and city expansion along River Thames.


Compact Density –highly Condensed ‘floating Urban village’ (need to find other word) on water propose new form of housing for the potential development area over the vast flood risk zone in London. New (Trading Market, IT Factory, Urban Farm, China Town, Youtube?) Economy create jobs to attracts people to live, work and enjoy the civic life style.


Green Infrastructure and Water resources provide new transit network and reduce embedded energy in its urban fabric and charge energy and foods from its nature.


Water city



community, void for public and private, open and semi open, civic green and city attraction



Design Criteria

Amphibian Mass Housing block

Integrated Traffic route on land and water

Urban Water management system (or engineering)

Renewable Energy generation

Material – light weight and water resistance

Hydraulic regenerative cycle (electricity, food, bio cultural event etc)

Multi-functional Pontoon building system

Compact building tectonic-high density living unit and voids for private


Design Outcome(TBC…)

High-rise: Control tower + resi

Mid-rise: crane + resi

Low-rise: bridge + resi + roof top street


*Solving issues on site – PSZ, Sonic protection, Wind, Views

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