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Tianjin Eco-city plots 8 &17 The Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city seeks to address the challenge of sustainable development in a holistic and balanced manner. This aim is underpinned by the concept of man living in harmony with his fellow man, with the economy and with the environment. The masterplan for plots 8 & 17 draws inspiration from the curvy details of the butterfly iconography; the design explores the organization of the structural elements of nature applied to the composition of architecture and landscape layouts. The architectural volumes lay on soft curves, with the landscape integrating and embracing the forms imitating the butterfly shape. Concepts of Ecology, Nature and Circulation were fundamental throughout the design process. By using rounded shapes as the elementary architectural form, the design not only highlights the arrival to the site but also expresses the philosophy of life��셲 cycle. The overall masterplan features an eco-band traversing the site, which has been incorporated in the design as the principal sustainable structure. The eco-bands consist of restored wetland, man-made lakes, water features, green landscape and roof gardens. Both commercial and residential areas are linked to the eco-band, developing buildings with better spatial qualities, higher levels of comfort and less carbon emissions. A cohesive architectural language was developed for all commercial buildings, achieving a consistent appearance and design logic amongst the different functions, providing the users with a high-class shopping environment and leisure experience. The high-rise residential units were positioned along the river to maximize privacy as well as views and accessibility to the water and landscaped areas

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