abstract- Transit-nexus nodal city


Transit-nexus nodal city

- Industrial city – North Korea; Lack of infrastructure
Rapid growing city and urban development (Phenomenon) =
labor migration (population) + finance Investment (capital) + Nation asset (governance and authority) Prototypical intervention

- Transportation network infrastructure; dynamic urban formation
Multi-functional city node-Railway station + Bus terminal +
Public space + Retail + Residence + Local industries(program)
optimizable scale multi functional phase controller(manager)-density, community core, eco fields

- Climate factor, Biome / climatic tectonics
Thermal comfort, solar technology / vernacular, terrestrial material; timber and mythilium
open>semi open>semi close > closed tectonic; expandable canopy and system unit platform.
Ephemeralization,  perfomative building skin and operable structure; zollinger roof + lamella frame. “utilizing structural gap”

- Cultural factor; North Korea
labor community and transition period of social system
multi track development, preserve local and introducing global

architectural association school of architecture diploma unit 16 ©2012