1.2 Rawabi City, West Bank: Diaspora City


The first newly built Palestinian settlement to be built in the West Bank since 1967, Rawabi City marks a new chapter and asks the question of whether a city can generate an economy. As a precedent study of planned cities this highlights very specialised political, technical and social¬†issues to overcome. A lack of investment and opportunity as well as lack of political self determination have prevented this territory and Palestinians from being able to plan urban projects on a large scale. Since the Oslo accord of 1993, Palestinian land has been catagorised in 3 areas, from A, full Palestinian autonomy, to C, Palestinian lands where Israeli settlements can be constructed. The method of construction is interesting aslo. The excavation of stone is done on site, the city almost sits on the negative of itself, and these ‘negatives’ provide excavated areas which are integrated with social need. Parks and amphitheatres emerge from the quarry sites. The demographic of the city does not currently exist also. The city aims to appeal to the Palestinian diaspora as well and simultenously restart a new Palestinian economy whilst attracting Palestinians forced abroad for



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