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121020_Haiti Abstract


I want to use the replantation of trees the primer to a new self-generating urban morphology, with an educational infrastructure as the core. The education of the citizens will form the basis of the urban morphology and designed to be resilient to geological and environmental threats. The education of the citizens runs parallel with developing a new forestry economy which will be able to provide investment and skills back and forth.

Design Methodology

I will look at urban typologies associated with the timber industry as well as the industrial infrastructure of a productive forest. I will look at research into agricultural practices involving trees and research into the development of trees. This new urbanism will establish itself to be productive as a city which plants, fells and exports trees in a way which proposes to reforest the island in a necessary period of time. This industry will educate the local community to make them aware of the dangers of deforestation as well as allowing them to work in the industry as it grows. The structure of the urbanism will follow a pre-determined system to mitigate the effects of earthquakes. Patterns of earthquake defence will be embedded in the fabric of the city.

Assessment Criteria

I would judge my project by understanding how my proposal would affect the current Haitian diaspora. How would my proposed urbanism increase per capita GDP? Can I speculate on how my urbanism would affect the population increase/decrease, demographic, number of children in education, and how this meets educational needs of a resilient Haitian economy? Furthermore, with special relevance to TS, how does my proposal react to an earthquake, structurally and socially?

Anticipated Outcome and Dissemination

To look back on the project I hope to have compiled an authoritative collection of research on the science of forestry, a technical studies which highlights the merits structurally of my proposal to be resilient against Haiti’s biggest threat, earthquakes, and to be able to demonstrate an urban economic model proposal in front of a physical Haitian manifestation.


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