130124_Diagraming Bamboo Properties and their application in the context of the project


The different applications of bamboo are well documented, however in the process of growth the bamboo plant can also offer alot more. Due to the speed of growth, 21 cm per day, the carbon dioxide absorption is twice that of hard wood trees. The amount of fibres in a bamboo plant is proportional to the strength, the more fibres the more applicable it is to be used in construction. In a country like Haiti where 65% of the country has a 7% incline or higher the strength of the bamboo is more suited to be used to build with. The guadua bamboo which I am proposing to introduce to Haiti can reach 80% of its maximum height within the first 3 months of growth. It will take a further 5 years to be used in construction however over that time the carbon absorption, water retention of the plants, 30,000 litres per hectare, and the fact that the roots will bind the land provide an adequate response to alot of the ecological issues affecting Haiti. And this is before its even used in construction.


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