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Dip 16 (2013-2014)

Lam Kwong Kit Jerry – 06/12/2013

Technical abstract – Thermal Archipelagos


[Urban technology]


  1. Thermal transfer technology

Steam accumulator and steam engine turbine

Cascade of energy as urban planning strategy


  1. Thermal storage technology

High grade heat storage and molten salt heating system

Geo-thermal and heat loop system

The role of water in thermal storage


  1. Heating and cooling technology

Boiler technology and heat pump


[Material and construction technology]


  1. Composite construction system: concrete + wood + metal


  1. Modular, light weight, local resource utilization


  1. Sand composite concrete re-using dock bed material from dredging


  1. Wood / laminated wood from ship building technology


  1. Metal as screening facade and as structural bracing system supporting prototype industries


  1. Local climatic zoning strategies within architecture scale




1. Case study of Plimico District Undertaking shows that by constructing steam accumulator capturing secondary heat from major power plant / industrial source, a range of high grade to low grade heat can be re-distributed to up to 3600 residential units and a combination of commercial/educational activities.




Thermal behaviour, secondary heat recovery, steam power and mechanics, molten salt heat system, modular construction system, floating structure

Investment behaviour, dockland identity, typologies for mass knowledge exchange, archipelagos typologies

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