Setor Noroeste: Brasilia’s Latest Sustainability Development

‘The Northwest Sector is in a prime location in the North Wing, surrounded by green areas, like Parque Burle Marx and Mineral Water. Designed to offer unrivalled experience in the categories: lifestyle, comfort, amenities, location and wellness.


The Northwest has come to turn your dream into reality: living with quality of life, safety and excellent location.

Ever thought of living in an “ecovillage”?

Only the Northwest guarantees you live with total modernity in an environment totally sustainable, safe and located close to the best spots in Capital

Planned City

Like dreamed Lúcio Costa, in the early construction of Brasilia, the ideal of building a planned town to impress by their beauty, and at the same time fulfill their vital functions is present in more details the design of the new district of Brasilia.

Proposal of the Northwest Sector

The northwestern sector, proposed the project in 1987 called Brasilia Revisited, a reworking of the Pilot Plan. The new district has 200 hectares of extension and will be built on the last available construction area within the perimeter of Brasilia overturned. Will be 40,000 residents who will live in the best projection of Brasilia, select a neighborhood near the park Burle Marx. There will be a commercial sector every two residential blocks without economic area.

The Project

With a sleek design, the northwestern sector will be a single district in Brasilia. Exclusive for its residents.
Will be: 20 residential blocks, 220 residential buildings, 5-blocks between commercial and 195 commercial buildings.
8 residential projects already approved by the Board of Brasilia and 10 projects are still under review.
The estimated price of a square meter in ready apartments is $ 8,000.00.’

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