Technical Studies: DRAFT 05/12/12


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‘The technical studies document working in conjunction with the main design project focuses on the exploration of both concrete and rubber as a building material. The extensive use of labour intensive [re-enforced] concrete in Brasilia, and the native material of rubber to Brazil have encouraged the initiative to re-assess the potentials of the materials; in terms of their material properties, form-work and in relation to recent technological investigations and advancements.

Rubber is explored as a fabric form-work of concrete to enable both standardisation and typological variation. The integrated tension of the inherently elastic material is exploited as well as the density, and its’ heat responsive qualities, in order to control the deformation of the form-work  Both rubber and concrete [and other materials] are explored as both composite and re-enforced materials with an emphasis placed on achieving tactile qualities. Explorations of the porosity of the material are also intended as a way achieving different kinds of naturally lit spaces, naturally ventilated conditions and as a method of harnessing rainwater.

As building materials they will be being introduced to an existing city as a means of tackling the lack of housing, social, cultural and economic opportunity within the city. Intervening with an existing framework there is the potential to examine how the new and the existing may physically connect. There is a possibility for a more parasitic nature to occur which could explore joinery, attachment methods etc [although this has not been wholly defined]_’

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