Site – Hong Gai


The site is located in Hong Gai, east of Ha Long city. The design proposal is to create a residential community in which will provide an optimal micro-climate for the inhabitants. It is a self sufficient and sustainable community in terms of water and energy.

Hong Gai suffers severely from air pollution caused by the open pit coal mine and the high humidity level during the summer seasons is making the local condition very poor and uncomfortable to live in. Domestic wastes are being discharged directly to the bay without any treatments.

The design proposal includes 3 tectonic systems; de-humidification, dust control and grey-water treatment. As the coal mine is located at the peak, air pollutants are drawn towards the residences located at the valley. A bamboo fiber membrane is acting as the roof filtering the dust for the coal mines and the structure will act as a dust suppressor, spraying mist to control the air pollutant. Silica gel is placed within the branch structure absorbing water content from the air. Water from the regeneration of silica gel by evaporate cooling is used for the dust suppressor.

Within the community there are public space made out of constructed bamboo wetland which has two proposed; to treat the domestic greywater and the bamboo can be used to create the bamboo fiber filters.

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